the abominable bride

31 paź

Truly I have lost weight, I have lost weight, grown lean in love’s defense, in love’s defense grown grave.
It was concupiscence that brought me to the state: all bone and a bit of skin to keep the bone within.
Flesh is no heavy burden for one possessed of little and accustomed to its loss.
I lean to love, which leaves me lean, till lean turn into lack.

A wanton bone, I sing my song and travel where the bone is blown and extricate true love from lust as any man of wisdom must. Then wherefore should I rage against this pilgrimage from gravel unto gravel?
Circuitous I travel from love to lack / and lack to lack, from lean to lack and back.

The Skeleton’s Defense of Carnality by Jack Foley

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  1. ~Pablo

    31 października 2015 o 00:48

    Nice, nice, nice :) Wanna najlepsza :)